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HB 2791 - 2011-12
Funding all-day kindergarten.
Sponsors: Lytton, Jinkins, Ladenburg, Billig, Reykdal, Tharinger, Fitzgibbon, Hansen, Wylie, Moscoso, Roberts, Maxwell, Green, Santos, Carlyle, Ryu, Liias, Appleton, Hunt, S., Hasegawa, Ormsby, Orwall, Moeller, Kenney
Bill History


Feb 22
First reading, referred to Ways & Means. (View Original Bill)
Feb 24
Public hearing in the House Committee on Ways & Means at 1:30 PM. (Committee Materials)
Mar 1
Executive session scheduled, but no action was taken in the House Committee on Ways & Means at 10:00 AM. (Committee Materials)
Mar 3
Executive action taken in the House Committee on Ways & Means at 9:00 AM. (Committee Materials)
WAYS - Executive action taken by committee.
WAYS - Majority; do pass. (Majority Report)
Minority; do not pass. (Minority Report)
Mar 5
Placed on second reading.
Mar 8
Rules suspended. Placed on Third Reading.
Failed to receive a two-thirds majority vote.
Failed final passage; yeas, 51; nays, 47; absent, 0; excused, 0. (View Roll Calls)
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