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HB 2683 - 2009-10
Changing provisions relating to the economic development commission.
Sponsors: Kenney, Smith, Probst, Maxwell, Ericks, Sullivan, Pettigrew, Kelley, White, Johnson, Hasegawa, Liias, Sells, Nelson, Anderson
Bill History


Jan 12
First reading, referred to Community & Economic Development & Trade. (View Original Bill)
Jan 18
Public hearing in the House Committee on Community & Economic Development & Trade at 1:30 PM. (Committee Materials)
Jan 27
Executive action taken in the House Committee on Community & Economic Development & Trade at 8:00 AM. (Committee Materials)
CEDT - Executive action taken by committee.
CEDT - Majority; 1st substitute bill be substituted, do pass. (View 1st Substitute) (Majority Report)
Feb 2
Referred to General Government Appropriations.
Feb 4
Public hearing and executive action taken in the House Committee on General Government Appropriations at 8:00 AM. (Committee Materials)
APPG - Majority; do pass 1st substitute bill proposed by Community & Economic Development & Trade. (Majority Report)
Feb 9
Passed to Rules Committee for second reading.
Feb 11
Placed on second reading suspension calendar by Rules Committee.
Feb 12
Committee recommendations adopted and the 1st substitute bill substituted (CEDT 10). (View 1st Substitute)
Placed on third reading.
Third reading, passed; yeas, 95; nays, 0; absent, 0; excused, 3. (View Roll Calls)


Feb 15
First reading, referred to Economic Development, Trade & Innovation.
Feb 17
Public hearing in the Senate Committee on Economic Development, Trade & Innovation at 8:00 AM. (Committee Materials)
Mar 11
By resolution, returned to House Rules Committee for third reading.


Mar 15
By resolution, reintroduced and retained in present status.
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