Chapter 296-150I WAC

Last Update: 2/23/10


WAC Sections

Authority, purpose, scope.
What definitions apply to this chapter?
What should the training program include?
What is the application process?
Manufactured home installerContinuing education requirements.
Manufactured home installer certification renewalApplication process.
Installer certificationRevocation.
Requirement for applicable licenses and registrations.
Manufactured home on-site work and equipment installationManufactured home installer certification required.
Manufactured home installation, on-site work or equipment installationHomeowner performing work on their own homeExceptions.
Manufactured home installation permit and inspectionsObligation of certified installer.
Manufactured home installerResponsibilities to the consumer.
Manufactured home installationInstaller certification tags required.
Installer certification tagIssuance by local enforcement agency.
Installer certification tag—Placement—Removal.
Monthly certification tag report.
Alternative education providersApproval process and compliance.
Legal actionInstaller certification required.
How does the department ensure compliance with the requirements of chapter 43.22A RCW?
What violations of RCW 43.22A.130 can result in the issuance of a notice of infraction?
What information must be included in a notice of infraction?
Who can be issued a notice of infraction?
How does a person, firm, contractor, partnership, corporation or certified installer appeal a notice of infraction?
Who presides over an appeal hearing and where is it held?
Who will represent the appellant and the department at the appeal hearings?
How is the appeal hearing conducted?
What does the department do with the appeal notices that they receive?
When must a person, contractor, manufactured/mobile home dealer, manufacturer, or home dealer's or manufacturer's agent pay assessed monetary penalties?
Who establishes standards for installation of manufactured homes?
What instructions are used for a manufactured home installation?
How may I obtain a copy of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A225.1 - Manufactured Homes Installation?
What are the requirements for temporary placement of manufactured (mobile) homes?
Do local enforcement agencies have special requirements for installing manufactured homes in hazardous areas?
Who may install a manufactured home?
Does a person who installs a manufactured home need an installation permit?
Does a manufactured home installation require an inspection?
How does the local enforcement agency gain access to the manufacturer's installation instructions?
What are the requirements for on-site structures and who regulates them?
What happens if a dispute arises concerning an installation requirement?
What are the requirements if a home is damaged during transit or during set-up?
Penalties, fees, and refunds.