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WAC 197-11-955

No agency filings affecting this section since 2003

Effective date.

(1) These rules shall become effective April 4, 1984.
(2) These rules shall apply to agency decision making under SEPA when one of the following occurs:
(a) An agency adopts policies, procedures, and practices for this chapter (WAC 197-11-902 and 197-11-904); or
(b) One hundred eighty days has elapsed from the effective date of these rules.
(3) The relationship of the effective date to ongoing actions is in WAC 197-11-916 and 197-11-917.
(4) Nothing in these rules shall delay agency compliance with any requirement in chapter 43.21C RCW, as amended, such as RCW 43.21C.031 and 43.21C.075 (as noted in WAC 197-11-916(3)).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21C.110. WSR 84-05-020 (Order DE 83-39), ยง 197-11-955, filed 2/10/84, effective 4/4/84.]