Chapter 50.65 RCW


Legislative findings.
Washington service corps establishedCommissioner's duties.
Washington service corpsCriteria for enrollment.
Washington service corpsList of local youth employment opportunities.
Washington service corpsPlacement under work agreements.
Work agreementsRequirements.
Enrollees not to displace current workers.
Commissioner to seek assistance for Washington service corps.
Authority for income-generating projectsDisposition of income.
Work agreementsNondiscrimination.
EnrolleesTraining and subsistence allowanceMedical insurance and medical aidNotice of coverage.
Exemption of enrollees from unemployment compensation coverage.
Federal and private sector funds and grants.
Use of funds for enrollees and projects in distressed areasService corps.
Limitation on use of funds for administrationService corps.
Washington servesFindingsDeclaration.
Washington servesDefinitions.
Washington servesProgramCreatedProcedureIntent.
Washington servesApplicantsEligibility.
Washington servesDisqualification for Washington service corps participation.
Washington servesVolunteersSelectionPlacement.
Washington servesVolunteersSupport.
Washington servesVolunteersMedical benefitsBenefit limits.
Washington servesDisplacement of current workers prohibited.
Washington servesVolunteersUnemployment compensation coverage limited.
Washington servesVolunteersAssistance to defer student loan payments.
Washington servesVolunteersSubsequent development of skills and experienceRecognition.
Washington servesService placementWork agreementsContractsRules for agenciesFinancial support for organizations.
Washington servesGifts, grants, endowmentsMatching funds.
Conflict with federal requirements1983 1st ex.s. c 50.
Conflict with federal requirements1987 c 167.
Conflict with federal requirements1993 sp.s. c 7.
Short title1993 sp.s. c 7.
Washington conservation corps: Chapter 43.220 RCW.
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