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Chapter 18.04 RCW


RCW Sections

18.04.035Board of accountancy -- Members -- Terms -- Vacancies -- Removal.
18.04.045Board -- Officers and staff -- Powers and duties.
18.04.055Board -- Rules.
18.04.065Board -- Fees -- Disposition.
18.04.080Compensation and travel expenses of members.
18.04.105Issuance of license -- Requirements -- Examination -- Fees -- Certified public accountants' account -- Valid certificates previously issued under chapter -- Continuing professional education -- Inactive certificates.
18.04.183Accountants from foreign countries.
18.04.185Application for license -- Secretary of state agent for service of process.
18.04.195License required -- Requirements -- Application -- Fees.
18.04.205Registration of offices -- Requirements -- Rules -- Fees.
18.04.215Licenses -- Issuance -- Renewal and reinstatement -- Continuing professional education -- Fees -- Notification of sanction/suspension/revocation of license.
18.04.295Actions against CPA license.
18.04.305Actions against firm license.
18.04.320Actions against license -- Procedures.
18.04.335Reissuance or modification of suspension of license or certificate.
18.04.345Prohibited practices.
18.04.350Practices not prohibited.
18.04.360Practices may be enjoined.
18.04.380Advertising falsely -- Effect.
18.04.390Papers, records, schedules, etc., property of the licensee or licensed firm -- Prohibited practices -- Rights of client.
18.04.405Confidential information -- Disclosure, when -- Subpoenas.
18.04.420License or certificate suspension -- Nonpayment or default on educational loan or scholarship.
18.04.430License or certificate suspension -- Noncompliance with support order -- Reissuance.
18.04.910Effective date -- 1983 c 234.
18.04.911Effective date -- 1986 c 295.
18.04.920Short title.

Falsifying accounts: Chapter 9A.60 RCW.