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PDFWAC 504-28-050

Financial projects.

(1) Definition.
A financial project is any approved activity of a registered student organization which is undertaken to raise funds and/or to defray expenses. Projects may be for the benefit of organizations themselves or for charity groups.
(2) Approval.
(a) The registered student organization must obtain advice from the university department responsible for student affairs on financial projects in the following areas:
(i) Planning advice;
(ii) Advertising and publicity assistance;
(iii) Facility and equipment arrangements; and
(iv) Consumer protection.
(b) The financial projects requested and the proposed budget must be completed, approved, and filed with the university department responsible for student affairs in advance of the proposed date using the student event registration form. Forms are available at the university department responsible for student affairs.
(c) For approval, the organization must have funds on hand to cover 100 percent of the estimated expenses of a proposed financial project.
(d) Projects involving films are subject to additional student affairs policies. Copies of the policies are available in CUB scheduling and the university department responsible for student affairs.
(e) Scholarship fund projects must be administered in accordance with university policy governing such funds. Sponsoring organizations may reserve the right to select recipients and to establish the amount of grants in accordance with policies of the university and the financial aid office.
(f) Raffles are subject to state law. Registered student organizations should contact the university department responsible for student affairs for current regulations.
(g) Retail sales of student classroom books, supplies, and equipment by university departments, personnel, registered student organizations, or students on a WSU campus is prohibited.
(3) Additional requirements.
(a) Student organizations are required to comply with university facilities use rules and policies in order to use university facilities for commercial and charitable uses associated with financial projects.
(b) An organization seeking approval to sell a good or service must provide proof of ownership prior to approval.
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