Chapter 434-840 WAC

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WAC Sections

434-840-001Authority and purpose.
434-840-010Application process.
434-840-015Certification of participants.
434-840-017Substitute address.
434-840-020Exercise of program participant's privileges.
434-840-025Attaining age of majority.
434-840-027Updating participant information.
434-840-030Certification renewal.
434-840-035Certification cancellation.
434-840-040Certification withdrawal, invalidation, expiration, and termination.
434-840-060Information release to law enforcement agency.
434-840-063Issuance of a court order for address confidentiality program participant information.
434-840-065Information release to nonlaw enforcement agency.
434-840-070Agency exemption request.
434-840-080Service of process.
434-840-100Acknowledgment for marriage and voting record confidentiality.
434-840-110Proof of program participant's authority.
434-840-200Notification for marriage record confidentiality.
434-840-210Marriage application.
434-840-220Marriage record filing.
434-840-230Marriage record transmission to department of health.
434-840-240Certified copy of marriage certificates.
434-840-310Protected records voter status.
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