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PDFWAC 434-335-330

Logic and accuracy test certification.

(1) The official logic and accuracy test shall be certified by the county auditor or deputy, the secretary of state representative, and any political party observers for a state primary or general election in accordance with RCW 29A.12.130. Additionally, the county auditor must verify in writing that the version numbers for all software, firmware, and hardware of the voting system used have not changed from the certified versions.
(2) The county auditor shall provide the secretary of state representative copies of the following documents:
(a) Test results;
(b) A zero report;
(c) Signed verification of the version numbers;
(d) Signed certification of the official logic and accuracy test;
(e) A test log of:
(i) The number of accessible voting units to be used in the primary or election; and
(ii) The electronic duplication system, if electronic duplication will be used in the primary or election; and
(f) Any other documentation requested by the secretary of state representative in advance of the official test.
(3) Copies of the certification documents must be retained by the secretary of state and the county auditor. All test results, test ballots, the signed certification, and a copy of the tabulation programming or the actual tabulation equipment must be kept in secure storage as defined in WAC 434-261-045 until ballots are to be tabulated.
(4) If, for any reason, changes are made to the ballot counting programming after the official logic and accuracy test, an emergency logic and accuracy test must be conducted pursuant to WAC 434-335-310.
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