Chapter 434-250 WAC

Last Update: 6/5/19


WAC Sections

434-250-025Broken or missing seals.
434-250-030Special absentee ballots.
434-250-035Protected records voters.
434-250-037Mail ballot certification.
434-250-045Voters requiring verification of identity.
434-250-070Forwarding ballots.
434-250-080Replacement and reissued ballots.
434-250-095Direct recording electronic voting devices.
434-250-100Ballot deposit sites.
434-250-105Voting centers.
434-250-110Processing ballots.
434-250-120Verification of the signature and return date.
434-250-130Maintenance of an audit trail.
434-250-140Ballot process to be expedited.
434-250-200Return postage.
434-250-320Locations to deposit ballots.
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