Chapter 434-219 WAC

Last Update: 5/11/16


(Formerly chapter 434-75 WAC)

WAC Sections

434-219-050Procedures to be followed when changing primary date.
434-219-060Designation of candidates by secretary of state.
434-219-080Petition process for ballot access.
434-219-090Form of the nominating petition.
434-219-100Verification of signatures by secretary of state.
434-219-110Determination of sufficiency.
434-219-120Certification of candidates.
434-219-140Party declarations.
434-219-155Ballot materials.
434-219-185Logic and accuracy tests.
434-219-190Special election held in conjunction with the presidential primary.
434-219-200Direct recording electronic voting devices (DRE).
434-219-230Processing of ballots.
434-219-235Statewide standards on what is a vote—Presidential primary.
434-219-290Certification of presidential primary by secretary of state.
434-219-310Statutory recount provisions do not apply.
434-219-320Transmittal of political party preference data and results to the major political parties.
434-219-330Retention of election material.
434-219-340Claims for reimbursement.
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