Chapter 390-17 WAC

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WAC Sections

390-17-019Contribution limits to affiliated committees.
390-17-030Sample ballots and slate cards.
390-17-060Exempt contributions and activities—Definitions, reporting.
390-17-065Recordkeeping and reporting of exempt contributions accounts.
390-17-070Trade association—Definition.
390-17-071Collective bargaining association—Definition.
390-17-100Contribution withholding authorizations for payroll deductions.
390-17-105Payroll deductions for small contributors of twenty-five dollars or less.
390-17-110Employee notification of payroll deduction withholding provisions.
390-17-200Major political party organizations.
390-17-300Contribution designation for primary and general election.
390-17-301Eligibility to receive primary election contributions.
390-17-302Contributions after the primary election.
390-17-303Superior court candidates—Eligibility to receive contributions.
390-17-305Personal funds of a candidate.
390-17-310Definition—Doing business in Washington.
390-17-315Political committees—Qualifications to contribute.
390-17-320Contributions from corporations, businesses, unions and political committees.
390-17-400Time limit to solicit or accept contributions.
390-17-405Volunteer services.
390-17-410Electioneering communications may constitute contributions and be subject to limit.
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