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PDFWAC 36-14-1060


(1) Participants shall be present in the dressing room at the time designated by the department or at least one hour before the scheduled time of the first contest.
(2) Participants shall compete in mixed martial arts shorts, biking shorts, or kick-boxing shorts, groin protector (males only), sports bra (females only), chest protector is optional (females only), and a custom-made individually fitted mouthpiece. Shoes, gis, shirts, and jewelry or piercing accessories are prohibited during competition.
(3) All female participants must provide a negative pregnancy test within seven days prior to each contest.
(4) Participants shall not use substances on their body or gloves that might handicap an opponent.
(5) If a participant cannot compete in an event for which the participant has a contract with a promoter due to a physical disability, the participant shall be examined by a physician as defined in RCW 67.08.002(11) prior to the scheduled event. The participant shall report the disability to the department prior to the scheduled contest.
(6) After a participant competes in an event, the participant shall not compete again until seven days have passed.
(7) The department may limit the persons allowed in the dressing room of a participant.
(8) Licensees shall not verbally abuse or have physical contact with any event official.
(9) Copies of the annual physical examination required in RCW 67.08.100(2) shall be provided to the department. The examination shall certify that a participant is physically fit to safely compete in a martial arts contest.
(10) Any professional participant engaging in amateur events shall be subject to disciplinary action by the department.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.24.023, 67.08.015, and 67.08.017. WSR 13-21-149, ยง 36-14-1060, filed 10/23/13, effective 12/1/13.]
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