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Chapter 357-49 WAC

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HTMLPDF357-49-010For what actions may an individual request a director's review?
HTMLPDF357-49-013What actions are not subject to a director's review?
HTMLPDF357-49-015How does an individual or employee request a director's review?
HTMLPDF357-49-0150What happens if the individual requesting a director's review does not submit all the information required by WAC 357-49-015?
HTMLPDF357-49-0152Who is responsible to notify the director or designee when there is a change in address, telephone number or representation?
HTMLPDF357-49-0154What actions will the director or designee perform once the request for a director's review is received?
HTMLPDF357-49-0156What documents must an employer provide when a request for director's review of an allocation or reallocation is filed?
HTMLPDF357-49-0158What additional documents may the requestor submit when a request for director's review of an allocation or reallocation is filed?
HTMLPDF357-49-016What process is used to conduct a director's review?
HTMLPDF357-49-0165Which director's review determinations may be appealed?
HTMLPDF357-49-018Who has the right to appeal the results of a director's review determination?
HTMLPDF357-49-022Who has the burden of proof in a director's review?
HTMLPDF357-49-023How must director's review requests be filed with the director?
HTMLPDF357-49-035When does a director's review determination become final?
HTMLPDF357-49-040How are director's review determinations served?
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