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PDFWAC 308-61-215

Abandoned recreational vehicleRates and caps.

At what rate will reimbursements be for?
(1) The costs will be reimbursed at a standardized scheduled rate:
Standard Rate
Towing and Transport (Increment Per Hour - Maximum Three Hours Total for Identified Class)
Class A Tow Vehicle (including - D and E)
Class B Tow Vehicle
Class C Tow Vehicle (including - B2 and S1)
Storage (Increment Per Day - Maximum 10 Days Total)
Standard Storage
Dismantling and Disposal (Increment Per Foot - Maximum per Identified Vehicle Category)
Motor Homes (Up to 35')
Travel Trailers (Up to 25')
Campers (Up to 15')
(2) Standard rates apply to:
(a) Hourly increment of towing and transport by tow vehicle class (i.e., a class 'B' tow vehicle used for two hours is two hundred forty dollars; a class 'C' tow vehicle used for four hours is capped at five hundred twenty dollars).
(b) Days of storage incurred (i.e., a vehicle stored for eight days is two hundred eighty dollars; a vehicle stored for twenty-five days is capped at three hundred fifty dollars).
(c) Classification of abandoned recreational vehicle dismantled and disposed up to the cap for that item (i.e., dismantling and disposal of a twenty-seven foot motor home is one thousand eight hundred ninety dollars; dismantling and disposal of a thirty foot travel trailer is capped at one thousand seven hundred fifty dollars).
(d) Total length of the recreational vehicle shall be determined by measuring the vehicle type as follows:
(i) Motor homes: Measured in feet of total length from the front bumper to the rear bumper, excluding attached storage boxes or trailer or tow hitches.
(ii) Travel trailers: Measured in feet of total length from the front of the box to the rear bumper, excluding the front trailer tongue, attached storage boxes or any additional trailer or tow hitches from rear bumper. Fifth-wheel trailers may include the front-cap.
(iii) Campers: Measured in feet of total length from the front of the cab-over box to the rear of the box, excluding any attached storage boxes or other accessories.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.55.190 and 46.53.010. WSR 19-11-007, § 308-61-215, filed 5/2/19, effective 6/1/19.]
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