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PDFWAC 296-99-050

What elements must an employer include in the housekeeping program?

(1) You must develop and enforce a written housekeeping program that:
(a) Establishes frequency and methods for reducing and cleaning up hazardous accumulations of fugitive grain dust;
(b) Identifies priority areas for clean up of hazardous accumulations of fugitive grain dust, including floor areas:
(i) Within thirty-five feet (10.7 m) of inside bucket elevators;
(ii) Of enclosed grinding equipment; and
(iii) Of enclosed grain dryers located inside the facility.
(c) Requires that fugitive grain dust is cleaned up immediately whenever accumulations exceed one-eighth inch (.32 cm) at priority housekeeping areas, or provide protection against fire and explosion that is equal to the required clean up.
(2) You must prohibit the use of compressed air to blow dust from ledges, walls, and other areas unless all machinery that provides an ignition source in the area is shut down, and all other known potential ignition sources in the area are removed or controlled.
(3) You must also ensure that the housekeeping program addresses procedures for removing grain and product spills from work areas. Spills are not considered fugitive grain dust accumulations.
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