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PDFWAC 296-823-17005

Establish and maintain medical records.

(1) You must establish and maintain an accurate medical record for each employee with occupational exposure.
(2) You must make sure this record includes all of the following that apply:
(a) Name and Social Security number of the employee;
(b) A copy of the employee's hepatitis B vaccination status, including the dates of all the hepatitis B vaccinations;
(c) Any medical records related to the employee's ability to receive vaccinations;
(d) The HBV declination statement;
(e) A copy of all results of examinations, medical testing, and follow-up procedures related to post-exposure evaluations;
(f) Your copy of the health care professional's written opinion;
(g) A copy of the information provided to the health care professional as required.
(3) You must make sure that employee medical records are:
(a) Kept confidential;
(b) Not disclosed or reported to any person, without the employee's written consent, except as required by this section or as may be required by law.
1. In some industries, a medical record is also known as the employee health file.
2. You may contract with the medical professional responsible for hepatitis B vaccination and post-exposure evaluation to maintain employee records.
You need to follow additional requirements for medical records found in chapter 296-802 WAC, Employee medical and exposure records.
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