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PDFWAC 296-800-28045

Make sure electrical equipment has overcurrent protection.

(1) You must make sure all electrical circuits that are rated at 600 volts or less have overcurrent protection.
(2) You must protect conductors and equipment from overcurrent according to their ability to safely conduct electrical current.
(3) You must make sure overcurrent devices do not interrupt the continuity of grounded conductors unless all conductors are opened at the same time, except for motor running overload protection.
(a) Locate or shield fuses and circuit breakers so that employees will not be burned or otherwise injured by their operation.
(b) Make sure handles or levers of circuit breakers, and similar parts that may move suddenly in such a way that persons in the vicinity are likely to be injured by being struck by them, are guarded or isolated.
(4) You must make sure the following fuses and thermo cutouts have disconnecting means:
(a) All cartridge fuses accessible to nonqualified persons.
(b) All fuses in circuits over 150 volts to ground.
(c) All thermal cutouts on circuits over 150 volts to ground.
(5) The disconnecting means must be installed so you can disconnect the fuses or thermal cutouts without disrupting service to equipment and circuits unrelated to those protected by the overcurrent device.
(6) You must provide easy access to overcurrent devices for each employee or authorized building management personnel.
(7) You must locate overcurrent devices:
(a) Away from easily ignitable material.
(b) Where they are not exposed to physical damage.
(8) You must make sure circuit breakers clearly indicate whether they are open (off) or closed (on).
(9) You must install circuit breakers that operate vertically so the handle is in the "up" position when the breaker is closed (on).
Circuit breakers used as switches in 120-volt, fluorescent lighting circuits must be approved for that purpose and marked "SWD."
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