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PDFWAC 296-800-23020

Provide bathrooms for your employees.

You do not have to provide bathrooms:
For mobile crews or at work locations not normally attended by employees, if there is transportation immediately available to nearby bathrooms that meet the requirements of this section.
(1) You must provide bathrooms with the appropriate number of toilets for your employees at every workplace based on Table 1.
(2) You must have an appropriate number of toilets for each gender, based on the number of male and female employees at your workplace.
For example, if you have thirty-seven men and seventeen women, you need to have three toilets for the men and two toilets for the women, based on Table 1.
(3) You must make sure each toilet is in a separate compartment with a door and walls or partitions for privacy.
Table 1
Required Number of Employee Toilets at
Every Workplace
Maximum Number of Employees Present at Any One Time During a Shift
Minimum Number of Toilets Required
1 to 15
16 to 35
36 to 55
56 to 80
81 to 110
111 to 150
Over 150
One additional toilet for each additional 40 employees
A shared bathroom (multiple toilets without enclosures) counts as one toilet no matter how many toilets it contains. In bathrooms used only by men, urinals may be substituted for up to 1/3 of the required toilets.
(4) You must provide toilet paper and a toilet paper roll holder for each toilet.
(5) You must make sure bathrooms are maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.
(6) You must make sure the sewage disposal method does not endanger the health of employees.
Separate bathrooms for men and women are not required if the bathroom:
• Will only be occupied by one person at a time.
• Can be locked from the inside.
• Contains at least one toilet.
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