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PDFWAC 296-78-515

Management's responsibility.

(1) It must be the responsibility of management to establish, supervise, and enforce, in a manner which is effective in practice:
(a) A safe and healthful working environment.
(b) An accident prevention program as required by these standards.
(c) Training programs to improve the skill and competency of all employees in the field of occupational safety and health. Such training must include the on-the-job instructions on the safe use of powered materials handling equipment, machine tool operations, use of toxic materials and operation of utility systems prior to assignments to jobs involving such exposures.
(2) You must develop and maintain a hazard communication program as required by WAC 296-901-140, which will provide information to all employees relative to hazardous chemicals or substances to which they are exposed, or may become exposed, in the course of their employment.
(3) Management must not assign mechanics, millwrights, or other persons to work on equipment by themselves when there is a probability that the person could fall from elevated work locations or equipment or that a person could be pinned down by heavy parts or equipment so that they could not call for or obtain assistance if the need arises.
This subsection does not apply to operators of motor vehicles, watchperson or certain other jobs which, by their nature, are singular employee assignments. However, a definite procedure for checking the welfare of all employees during their working hours shall be instituted and all employees so advised.
(4) After the emergency actions following accidents that cause serious injuries that have immediate symptoms, a preliminary investigation of the cause of the accident must be conducted. The investigation must be conducted by a person designated by you, the immediate supervisor of the injured employee, witnesses, employee representative if available and any other person with the special expertise required to evaluate the facts relating to the cause of the accident. The findings of the investigation must be documented by you for reference at any following formal investigation.
(5) Reporting and recording requirements. You must comply with chapter 296-27 WAC for recording work-related injuries and illnesses and reporting to the department any work-related fatality, inpatient hospitalization, amputation, or the loss of an eye.
(6) You must comply with the accident investigation requirements in WAC 296-800-320.
(7) Personal protective equipment required by this standard must be provided at no cost to employees.
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