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PDFWAC 296-56-60095

Advisory crane certification panel.

(1) Any person desiring a certificate of competency for crane inspection or certification must make application to the assistant director of the division of consultation and compliance for the certificate of competency. The application must include documentation of all qualifications, including all past experience, education, training and any other factors deemed to be relevant to the application.
(2) The advisory crane certification panel must assist the assistant director of the division of consultation and compliance in their duties under this chapter. The panel must consist of six members. Two members must represent labor, two members must represent management, and one member must be a crane expert. The sixth member must be chair of the panel. The chair must be the assistant director of consultation and compliance or the chair's designee. The panel must be responsible for advising the assistant director as to the issuance of any certificate of competency. The panel must review all applications for certificates of competency. Minutes of meetings must be kept.
(3) In addition, the panel must, upon request by the assistant director, render advice concerning any matter which is relevant to crane safety. The panel must meet twice yearly or more often as deemed necessary by the chairman of the panel. Any panel member who is not an employee of the state of Washington must serve voluntarily.
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