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PDFWAC 296-307-35012

Operation and maintenance requirements for exit routes.

The employer must ensure that each workplace meets the following requirements:
(1) The workplace exit route is maintained to minimize danger to employees during an emergency.
(a) The workplace exit route is free of explosive or highly flammable furnishings or decorations.
(b) Accumulations of flammable or combustible waste materials are controlled.
(c) An exit route does not require employees to travel toward materials that burn very quickly, emit poisonous fumes, or are explosive, unless those materials are effectively shielded from the exit route.
(2) Each exit route is adequately lit.
(3) Each exit is clearly visible and is marked by a distinctive sign reading "exit."
(a) An exit door is free of signs or decorations that obscure its visibility.
(b) Signs are posted along the exit route indicating the direction of travel to the nearest exit.
(c) The line-of-sight to an exit sign is uninterrupted.
(d) Any doorway or passage that might be mistaken for an exit is marked "not an exit" or with an indication of its actual use.
(e) An exit sign is illuminated to a surface value of at least 5 foot candles by a reliable light source and shows a designated color. Self-luminous or electroluminescent signs have a minimum luminance surface value of .06 footlamberts.
(4) Fire retardant paints or other coatings used in the workplace are maintained.
(5) Each safeguard to protect employees during an emergency is maintained in proper working order.
(6) Employees do not occupy a workplace under construction until an exit route that meets these requirements is available for the portion of the workplace to be occupied.
(a) Employees do not occupy a workplace during repair or alteration unless either all exits and existing fire protection are maintained or alternate fire protection is provided that ensures an equivalent level of safety.
(b) Flammable or explosive materials used during construction or repair do not expose employees to hazards not otherwise present in the workplace or impede emergency escape from the workplace.
(7) An operable employee alarm system with a distinctive signal to warn employees of fire or other emergencies is installed and maintained. No employee alarm system is required if employees can see or smell a fire or other hazard so that it would provide adequate warning to them. The employee alarm system complies with the requirements of WAC 296-307-345.
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