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PDFWAC 296-305-01503

Accident/incident investigation.

(1) After the emergency actions following accidents that cause serious injuries with immediate symptoms or incidents resulting in exposure to occupational disease-causing chemicals or physical agents, a preliminary investigation of the cause must be conducted. The investigation must be conducted by a person designated as qualified by the employer. The fire department must establish a written procedure and a program for investigating, and evaluating the facts, relating to the cause of accidents. The findings of the investigation must be documented by the employer for reference at any following formal investigations.
(2) Equipment involved in an accident resulting in an immediate or probable fatality must not be moved until a representative of the division of occupational safety and health investigates the accident and releases such equipment, except where removal is essential to prevent further accident. When necessary to remove the victim, such equipment may be moved only to the extent of making possible such removal.
(3) Upon arrival of the department's investigator, the employer must assign personnel to assist the investigator as are deemed necessary by the department to conduct the investigation.
(4) The fire department must preserve all records, photographic materials, audio, video, recordings, or other documentation concerning an accident.
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