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PDFWAC 296-20-055

Limitation of treatment and temporary treatment of unrelated conditions when retarding recovery.

Conditions preexisting the injury or occupational disease are not the responsibility of the department. When an unrelated condition is being treated concurrently with the industrial condition, the attending doctor must notify the department or self-insurer immediately and submit the following:
(1) Diagnosis and/or nature of unrelated condition.
(2) Treatment being rendered.
(3) The effect, if any, on industrial condition.
Temporary treatment of an unrelated condition may be allowed, upon prior approval by the department or self-insurer, provided these conditions directly retard recovery of the accepted condition. The department or self-insurer will not approve or pay for treatment for a known preexisting unrelated condition for which the claimant was receiving treatment prior to his industrial injury or occupational disease, which is not retarding recovery of his industrial condition.
A thorough explanation of how the unrelated condition is affecting the industrial condition must be included with the request for authorization.
The department or self-insurer will not pay for treatment of an unrelated condition when it no longer exerts any influence upon the accepted industrial condition. When treatment of an unrelated condition is being rendered, reports must be submitted monthly outlining the effect of treatment on both the unrelated and the accepted industrial conditions.
The department or self-insurer will not pay for treatment for unrelated conditions unless specifically authorized. This includes prescription of drugs and medicines.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.020(4), 51.04.030, and 51.16.120(3). WSR 81-01-100 (Order 80-29), § 296-20-055, filed 12/23/80, effective 3/1/81; Order 71-6, § 296-20-055, filed 6/1/71; Order 70-12, § 296-20-055, filed 12/1/70, effective 1/1/71; Order 68-7, § 296-20-055, filed 11/27/68, effective 1/1/69.]
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