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PDFWAC 296-128-533

Public employees.

(1) How do the provisions specified in WAC 296-128-532 affect public employees? WAC 296-128-532 (1) through (5) is applicable to public employees, except that deductions from salary or leave banks are permitted in the following additional circumstances.
(a) Deductions from salary for partial day absences: A public employee who otherwise meets the requirements of WAC 296-128-532 will not be disqualified from the executive, administrative, or professional exemptions on the basis that such public employee is paid according to a pay system that:
(i) Is established by statute, ordinance, or regulation, or by a policy or practice established according to principles of public accountability, under which the public employee accrues sick or personal leave (annual, vacation, etc.); and
(ii) Permits the public employee's pay to be reduced or the public employee to be placed on leave without pay for absences for personal reasons or because of illness or injury of less than one work day when accrued leave is not used by a public employee.
(b) Deductions from leave banks: Deductions may be made from a public employee's accrued leave banks in any increment in accordance with any statute, ordinance, or regulation, or by a policy or practice established according to principles of public accountability.
(c) Deductions for furlough: Deductions from the salary of a public employee for absences where authorized by law due to a budget-required leave of absence will not disqualify the public employee from being paid on a "salary basis" except in the workweek in that the absence occurs and for which the public employee's pay is accordingly reduced.
(2) What does "public employee" mean? Public employee means an employee directly employed by a county, incorporated city or town, municipal corporation, state agency, institution of higher education, political subdivision or other public agency and includes any department, bureau, office, board, commission or institution of such public entities.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.46.005, 49.46.010, 49.46.120, and chapter 49.46 RCW. WSR 03-03-109, ยง 296-128-533, filed 1/21/03, effective 2/21/03.]
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