Chapter 260-60 WAC

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260-60-300Who may claim.
260-60-310Entering in a claiming race—Debts and leased horse.
260-60-330Claims to be in amount printed on program.
260-60-340Disposition by lot.
260-60-350Requirements for a claim.
260-60-360Stewards to act on claims.
260-60-380Prohibited actions.
260-60-390Claim in bad faith.
260-60-400Entry of a filly or mare in foal.
260-60-405Claiming—Declaring a horse ineligible to be claimed at time of entry.
260-60-410Claimed horse—In whose interest run—Delivery and passage of title.
260-60-420Claimed horse—Refusal to deliver.
260-60-440Claimed horse—Subsequent sale or transfer—Retention by owner.
260-60-450Claimed horse—Restrictions.
260-60-460Cancellation of claims.
260-60-470Rules apply to all races.
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