Chapter 260-40 WAC

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260-40-010Nominations and scratches.
260-40-020Entry prerequisite to start.
260-40-030Racing secretary to receive entries and nominations.
260-40-040Making entries and nominations.
260-40-045Authority to represent owner.
260-40-050Ownership interest required—Entries and nominations.
260-40-055Jockey to be named at the time of entry.
260-40-065Multiple entries.
260-40-070Description and identification of horse.
260-40-075Required to declare weight, medication, and required equipment changes at the time of entry.
260-40-090Registration certificate.
260-40-100Performance records.
260-40-105Workouts and identification.
260-40-110Horse must be in care of and saddled by a licensed trainer.
260-40-120Identification prerequisite to start.
260-40-130Horses must be on the grounds prior to racing.
260-40-140Horse must be eligible to start at time of entry.
260-40-145Prohibiting entry of certain horses.
260-40-155The effect of wins on eligibility.
260-40-160Horse owned or managed by disqualified person.
260-40-170Horse on starter's schooling list.
260-40-180Horse on veterinarian's list.
260-40-185Reporting alteration of sex.
260-40-210Withdrawal, change, of unclosed race.
260-40-220Race declared off—Split of overnight race.
260-40-230Subscription to sweepstakes.
260-40-240Entrance, nomination, and starting fees.
260-40-245Refunds when stake race declared off.
260-40-250Closing time for entries and nominations.
260-40-260Number of entries and starters.
260-40-270Alterations, corrections, after closing.
260-40-275Postponement from day to day.
260-40-280Impaired horses.
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