Chapter 260-28 WAC

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WAC Sections

260-28-010Authorized agent.
260-28-020Stable names—Registration fees and restrictions.
260-28-030Financial responsibility.
260-28-035Partnership disputes.
260-28-050Colors—Registration and fees.
260-28-060Engagements and transfer.
260-28-070Ownerships to be filed with commission and racing secretary.
260-28-080Ownership by corporations, companies, or other organizations.
260-28-100Change of trainers.
260-28-110Employment of jockey to prevent riding.
260-28-120Bribes and gratuities.
260-28-130May not employ unlicensed veterinarian.
260-28-200Trainer—Paddock duties.
260-28-210Trainer—Substitute for absent trainer.
260-28-220Trainer—Duty to register horses with racing secretary.
260-28-240Trainer—Restriction as to horses owned by disqualified person.
260-28-280Trainer—Reporting sickness of horse.
260-28-290Trainer—Ownership interest.
260-28-295Trainer responsibility.
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