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PDFWAC 208-660-175

Mortgage brokers—Surety bond.

(1) What are the surety bond requirements for licensed mortgage brokers?
(a) Mortgage brokers must at all times have a valid surety bond on file with the director. The surety bond must be provided on a form prescribed by the department.
(b) The surety bond amount must be based upon the annual loan origination volume of the licensee in the state of Washington.
(c) When the mortgage broker initially applies for a license, the dollar amount of the surety bond must be a minimum of twenty thousand dollars. Thereafter, by March 31st of each year, you must determine your required bond amount based on loan origination volume and provide DFI with proof of having an adequate bond.
(d) The surety bond must list the mortgage broker's corporate name and NMLS unique identifier.
(e) The following chart shows the surety bond amount required for the annual loan origination volume of the licensee in the state of Washington:
Loan Volume in Millions
Bond Amount
$20 to $40
$0 to $20
(f) If you only offer residential mortgage loan modification services, your bond amount is twenty thousand dollars, initially and thereafter.
(2) Who provides mortgage broker surety bonds? To purchase a surety bond, contact your insurance broker. A list of insurance companies that underwrite Washington surety bonds in Washington is available from the Washington state office of the insurance commissioner's website.
(3) What happens to my mortgage broker license if my surety bond is canceled? Failure to maintain a surety bond is a violation of the act and may result in an enforcement action against you.
(4) May I change surety bond companies? Yes. You may change your insurance provider at any time. Your current insurance company will issue a cancellation notice for your existing surety bond. The cancellation notice may be effective no less than thirty days following the director's receipt of the cancellation notice.
Prior to the cancellation date of the existing surety bond, you must have on file with the department a replacement surety bond. The replacement surety bond must be in effect on or before the cancellation date of the prior surety bond.
(5) Why must I carry a surety bond to have a mortgage broker license? The surety bond protects the state and any persons who suffer loss by reason of violations of any provision of the act or these rules by you or your employees or independent contractors.
(6) Who may make a claim against a licensed mortgage broker's surety bond? The director, or any person, including a third-party provider, who has been injured by a violation of the act, may make a claim against a bond.
(7) How does a person make a claim against a licensed mortgage broker's surety bond? The department can provide the name of a licensed mortgage broker's surety bond provider. Contact the surety bond company and follow its required procedures to make your claim.
(8) How long does the bond claim procedure take? The time to complete a bond claim may vary among bonding companies. If the claimant is not a borrower, final judgment will not be entered prior to one hundred eighty days after the claim is filed.
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