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Chapter 16-301 WAC

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(Formerly chapters 16-300, 16-304, 16-313, 16-316, 16-317, 16-318, 16-493, 16-494 and 16-495 WAC)

WAC Sections

HTMLPDF16-301-005General seed standardsDefinitions.
HTMLPDF16-301-010Publications adopted in chapters 16-301, 16-302, and 16-303 WAC.
HTMLPDF16-301-011Functions of the seed program advisory committee.
HTMLPDF16-301-015Seed labeling requirements for agricultural, vegetable, and flower seeds.
HTMLPDF16-301-020Other labeling requirements for small grain, field pea, lentil, and/or soybean seed.
HTMLPDF16-301-025Special requirements for labeling of vegetable and flower seed as prepared for use in the home.
HTMLPDF16-301-030Exemptions for small grain, chickpea, field pea, lentil and/or soybean seed.
HTMLPDF16-301-035Labeling requirements for agricultural and vegetable hybrid seed that contains less than ninety-five percent hybrid seed.
HTMLPDF16-301-040LabelingRequirements for seed mixtures for lawn and/or turf purposes.
HTMLPDF16-301-045Prohibited noxious weed seeds.
HTMLPDF16-301-050Restricted noxious weed seeds.
HTMLPDF16-301-055Tolerances for seed law enforcement.
Treated Seed Labeling Requirements
HTMLPDF16-301-060Treated seed labeling requirements.
HTMLPDF16-301-065Labeling requirements for seed treated with mercurials and similarly toxic pesticides.
HTMLPDF16-301-070Labeling requirements for seed treated with other pesticides.
HTMLPDF16-301-075Treated seed color requirement.
HTMLPDF16-301-080Labeling requirements for seed treated with inoculates.
HTMLPDF16-301-085Examples of minimum label formats for treated seed.
Germination Standards
HTMLPDF16-301-090Germination standards for vegetable seeds.
HTMLPDF16-301-095SamplingAdministration of the Washington State Seed Act.
HTMLPDF16-301-215Definition of a phytosanitary certificate.
HTMLPDF16-301-220Apply for a phytosanitary field inspection.
HTMLPDF16-301-225Land and production requirements for a seed phytosanitary field inspection.
HTMLPDF16-301-230Phytosanitary field inspection requirements for peas.
HTMLPDF16-301-235Phytosanitary field inspection requirements for beans.
HTMLPDF16-301-240Phytosanitary field inspection requirements for other seed crops and diseases.
Annual Bluegrass Quarantine
HTMLPDF16-301-245Annual bluegrass quarantineEstablishing quarantine.
HTMLPDF16-301-250Annual bluegrass quarantineDefinitions.
HTMLPDF16-301-255Annual bluegrass quarantineRegulated area.
HTMLPDF16-301-260Annual bluegrass quarantineQuarantine area.
HTMLPDF16-301-265Annual bluegrass quarantineRegulated articles.
HTMLPDF16-301-270Annual bluegrass quarantineConditions governing movement of regulated articles.
HTMLPDF16-301-275Violations and penalty.
HTMLPDF16-301-280Annual bluegrass quarantineProcedure for clearing.
HTMLPDF16-301-285Annual bluegrass quarantineSeed stock containing annual bluegrass.
HTMLPDF16-301-290Annual bluegrass quarantineApplication for nursery inspectionSampling and analysis.
HTMLPDF16-301-295Annual bluegrass quarantineViolation procedures.
Rough Bluegrass Quarantine
HTMLPDF16-301-305Rough bluegrass quarantineEstablishing quarantine.
HTMLPDF16-301-310Rough bluegrass quarantineDefinitions.
HTMLPDF16-301-315Rough bluegrass quarantineRegulated area.
HTMLPDF16-301-320Rough bluegrass quarantineQuarantine area.
HTMLPDF16-301-325Rough bluegrass quarantineRegulated articles.
HTMLPDF16-301-330Rough bluegrass quarantineConditions governing movement of regulated articles.
HTMLPDF16-301-335Rough bluegrass quarantineProcedure for clearing seed stocks.
HTMLPDF16-301-340Rough bluegrass quarantineSeed stock containing rough bluegrass.
HTMLPDF16-301-345Rough bluegrass quarantineApplication for nursery inspection.
HTMLPDF16-301-350Rough bluegrass quarantineFees.
HTMLPDF16-301-355Rough bluegrass quarantineViolation and procedures.
Bean Seed Quarantine
HTMLPDF16-301-365Bean seed quarantineEstablishing quarantine.
HTMLPDF16-301-375Regulated articles.
HTMLPDF16-301-380Regulated diseases.
HTMLPDF16-301-385Bean seedQuarantined area.
HTMLPDF16-301-390Bean seedRegulated area.
HTMLPDF16-301-395General requirements for planting bean seed in the regulated area.
HTMLPDF16-301-396Additional requirements for planting bean seed in the regulated area relating to seed-borne viral diseases.
HTMLPDF16-301-400Additional requirements for planting bean seed grown in the regulated area.
HTMLPDF16-301-410Additional requirements for planting bean seed originating in quarantine Area I; areas west of the continental divide.
HTMLPDF16-301-415Additional requirements for planting bean seed originating in quarantine Area II; areas east of the continental divide and foreign countries.
HTMLPDF16-301-420QuarantineExceptions and exemptions.
HTMLPDF16-301-425Inspection procedures for trial grounds.
HTMLPDF16-301-430Identification and disposition of diseased bean seed and infected bean fields.
HTMLPDF16-301-435Notice of destruction.
Crucifer Seed Quarantine
HTMLPDF16-301-490Establishing a crucifer seed quarantine for black leg, black rot, and dormant seed.
HTMLPDF16-301-505Regulated crucifer diseases and pathogens.
HTMLPDF16-301-515Crucifer seed quarantineQuarantine area.
HTMLPDF16-301-520Crucifer seed quarantineRegulated areas.
HTMLPDF16-301-525Crucifer seed quarantine exemptions within the regulated areas.
HTMLPDF16-301-528Seed dormancy testing in the western Washington regulated area.
HTMLPDF16-301-530Planting crucifer seed in the western Washington regulated areaRequirements.
HTMLPDF16-301-531Planting crucifer seed in the eastern Washington regulated areaRequirements.
HTMLPDF16-301-534Transporting regulated articles into a regulated areaRequirements.
HTMLPDF16-301-535Boxes and racks used to ship crucifer seedlingsRequirements.
HTMLPDF16-301-540Crucifer transplants grown in greenhouses in the regulated areasRequirements.
HTMLPDF16-301-545Crucifer seed lots that test positive for any regulated diseaseRequirements.
HTMLPDF16-301-550Planting seed in the western Washington regulated areaProtocols when certain documentation is unavailable.
HTMLPDF16-301-555Requirements for the establishment of trial grounds.
HTMLPDF16-301-560Inspection requirements for trial grounds.
HTMLPDF16-301-565Testing requirements for seed harvested from an approved trial ground.
HTMLPDF16-301-570Penalties for violating the crucifer seed quarantine.
HTMLPDF16-301-575Identification of diseased crucifer seeds and infected fields.
HTMLPDF16-301-580Diseased crucifer seeds and infected fieldsRegulations.
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