Chapter 139-10 WAC

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WAC Sections

139-10-210Requirement of basic corrections training.
139-10-211Backgrounding requirement for admission to basic corrections officers academy.
139-10-212Physical requirements for admission to basic corrections academies.
139-10-213Employment of corrections personnel—Notification to commission.
139-10-214Termination of corrections personnel—Notification to commission.
139-10-215Basic corrections academy equivalency certification.
139-10-220Requirements of basic corrections academy.
139-10-221Scholastic performance requirements for basic corrections training.
139-10-222Readmission to corrections academies.
139-10-230Basic corrections officers academy curriculum.
139-10-235Basic misdemeanant probation/classification academy curriculum.
139-10-237Basic juvenile services academy curriculum.
139-10-240Basic juvenile corrections officer academy curriculum.
139-10-245Basic juvenile residential counselor academy curriculum.
139-10-530Basic community corrections officers academy curriculum.
139-10-550Basic arrest, search, and seizure academy.
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