Chapter 132Y-100 WAC

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WAC Sections

132Y-100-001Purpose for adopting rules.
132Y-100-004Applicable traffic rules.
132Y-100-006Visitor parking.
132Y-100-008Permits required for employee vehicles in designated lots.
132Y-100-012Permit parking on campus.
132Y-100-014Free parking by disabled persons.
132Y-100-020Permit revocation.
132Y-100-024Right to refuse permit.
132Y-100-028Issuance of permits.
132Y-100-032Display of permits.
132Y-100-044Additional vehicles.
132Y-100-052Parking permit exceptions.
132Y-100-054Parking—Operator's responsibility.
132Y-100-056Parking within designated spaces.
132Y-100-060Locating legal parking space.
132Y-100-064Motorcycle parking.
132Y-100-066Carpool parking permit.
132Y-100-067Motorcycle parking.
132Y-100-068Bicycle parking and traffic regulations.
132Y-100-070Alternative transportation regulations.
132Y-100-072Handicapped parking.
132Y-100-076Disabled or inoperative vehicles.
132Y-100-080Regulatory signs and directions.
132Y-100-082Disabled or inoperative vehicles.
132Y-100-088Pedestrian's right of way.
132Y-100-092Report of accident.
132Y-100-096Special traffic/parking rules.
132Y-100-100Enforcement of parking and traffic rules and regulations.
132Y-100-106Fines, penalties and impounding.
132Y-100-108Appeal of fines and penalties.
132Y-100-114Parking of trailers, campers, and similar purpose vehicles on campus.
132Y-100-115Damage to state property.
132Y-100-116Prohibition of literature on vehicles.
132Y-100-118Liability of college.
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