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PDFWAC 110-300-0410

License and program location.

(1) An applicant for a license under this chapter must be at least eighteen years old.
(2) A licensee refers to the individual or organization:
(a) Whose name appears on a license issued by the department;
(b) Responsible for complying with the standards in this chapter, chapter 43.216 RCW, chapter 110-06 WAC, and other applicable laws and rules;
(c) Responsible for training early learning program staff on the foundational quality standards in this chapter; and
(d) Who resides on the early learning program premises (family home child care only), pursuant to RCW 43.216.010.
(3) Early learning program space must be located:
(a) On a site free from known environmental hazards;
(b) In an area where nonemergency services and utilities can serve the early learning program space; and
(c) In an area served by emergency fire, medical, and police during the hours the early learning provider provides care to children.
(4) An early learning provider must prevent enrolled children from being exposed to the following known hazards within and around the licensed premises:
(a) Lead based paint;
(b) Plumbing and fixtures containing lead or lead solders;
(c) Asbestos;
(d) Arsenic, lead, or copper in the soil or drinking water;
(e) Toxic mold; and
(f) Other identified toxins or hazards.
(5) An early learning provider must place address numbers or signage on the outside of the house or building that contains the early learning program space. The numbers or signage must be legible and plainly visible from the street or road serving the premises.
(6) A license applicant planning to open an early learning program in the designated Tacoma smelter plume (counties of King, Pierce, and Thurston) must contact the state department of ecology (DOE) and complete and sign an access agreement with DOE to evaluate the applicant's property for possible arsenic and lead soil contamination.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.216.250 and 43.216.255. WSR 19-14-076, § 110-300-0410, filed 7/1/19, effective 8/1/19. WSR 18-14-078, recodified as § 110-300-0410, filed 6/29/18, effective 7/1/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.215.020, 43.215.060, 43.215.070, 43.215.201, and Governor Directive 16-06. WSR 17-10-032, § 170-300-0410, filed 4/26/17, effective 5/27/17.]
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