Chapter 90.71 RCW



90.71.060Puget Sound assessment and monitoring program.
90.71.110Puget Sound scientific research account.
90.71.210Puget Sound partnershipCreated.
90.71.220Leadership councilMembership.
90.71.230Leadership councilPowers and duties.
90.71.240Executive directorAppointmentAuthority.
90.71.250Ecosystem coordination boardMembershipDuties.
90.71.260Development of the action agendaIntegration of watershed programs and ecosystem-level plans.
90.71.270Science panelCreationMembership.
90.71.280Science panelDuties.
90.71.290Science panelStrategic science programPuget Sound science updateQuadrennial science work plan.
90.71.300Action agendaGoals and objectives.
90.71.310Action agendaDevelopmentElements revision and updates.
90.71.320Action agendaBiennial budget requests.
90.71.330Funding from partnershipAccountability.
90.71.340Fiscal accountabilityFiscal incentives and disincentives for implementation of the action agenda.
90.71.350Accountability for achieving and implementing action agendaNoncompliance.
90.71.360Limitations on authority.
90.71.370Report to the governor and legislatureState of the Sound reportReview of programs.
90.71.380Assessment of basin-wide restoration progress.
90.71.390Performance audits of the partnership.
90.71.400Puget Sound recovery account.
90.71.410Lake Whatcom phosphorus loading demonstration program.
90.71.420Report to the legislature.
90.71.430Environmental justice obligations of the Puget Sound partnership.
90.71.904Transfer of powers, duties, and functionsReferences to chair of the Puget Sound action team.
90.71.907Effective date2007 c 341.