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Discharge of chlorinated organicsEngineering reports by pulp and paper millsPermits limiting discharge.

(1) The department may require each pulp mill and paper mill discharging chlorinated organics to conduct and submit an engineering report on the cost of installing technology designed to reduce the amount of chlorinated organic compounds discharged into the waters of the state. The department shall allow at least twenty-four months from June 11, 1992, for each pulp mill and each paper mill to submit an engineering report.
(2) The department may not issue a permit establishing limits to the discharge of chlorinated organic compounds by a pulp mill or a paper mill under RCW 90.48.160 or 90.48.260 until at least nine months after receiving an engineering report from a kraft mill and at least fifteen months after receiving an engineering report from a sulfite mill.
(3) Nothing in this section shall apply to dioxin compounds.
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