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Sports pools authorized.

The legislature hereby authorizes any person, association, or organization to conduct sports pools without a license to do so from the commission but only when the outcome of which is dependent upon the score, or scores, of a certain athletic contest and which is conducted only in the following manner:
(1) A board or piece of paper is divided into one hundred equal squares, each of which constitutes a chance to win in the sports pool and each of which is offered directly to prospective contestants at one dollar or less;
(2) The purchaser of each chance or square signs his or her name on the face of each square or chance he or she purchases; and
(3) At some time not later than prior to the start of the subject athletic contest the pool is closed and no further chances in the pool are sold;
(4) After the pool is closed a prospective score is assigned by random drawing to each square;
(5) All money paid by entrants to enter the pool less taxes is paid out as the prize or prizes to those persons holding squares assigned the winning score or scores from the subject athletic contest;
(6) The sports pool board is available for inspection by any person purchasing a chance thereon, the commission, or by any law enforcement agency upon demand at all times prior to the payment of the prize;
(7) The person or organization conducting the pool is conducting no other sports pool on the same athletic event; and
(8) The sports pool conforms to any rules and regulations of the commission applicable thereto.
[ 1987 c 4 s 31. Formerly RCW 9.46.030(6).]
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