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Payment in fullCalls for bonds, noticeBond owners' rights.

The owner of any lot or parcel of land charged with any assessment as provided for hereinabove, may redeem the same from all liability by paying the entire assessment charged against such lot or parcel of land, or part thereof, without interest, within thirty days after notice to him or her of such assessment, as herein provided, or may redeem the same at any time after the bonds above specified shall have been issued, by paying the full amount of all the principal and interest to the end of the interest year then expiring, or next to expire. The county treasurer shall pay the interest on the bonds authorized to be issued under RCW 88.32.010 through 88.32.220 out of the respective local improvement funds from which they are payable, and whenever there shall be sufficient money in any local improvement fund, against which bonds have been issued under the provisions of RCW 88.32.010 through 88.32.220, over and above the amount necessary for the payment of interest on all unpaid bonds, and sufficient to pay the principal of one or more bonds, the county treasurer shall call in and pay such bonds, provided that such bonds shall be called in and paid in their numerical order: PROVIDED, FURTHER, That such call shall be made by publication in the county official newspaper, on the day following the delinquency of the installment of the assessment, or as soon thereafter as practicable, and shall state that bonds numbers . . . . . . (giving the serial number or numbers of the bonds called), will be paid on the day the interest payment on said bonds shall become due, and interest upon such bonds shall cease upon such date. If the county shall fail, neglect, or refuse to pay said bonds or promptly to collect any of said assessments when due, the owner of any such bonds may proceed in his or her own name to collect such assessment and foreclose the lien thereof in any court of competent jurisdiction, and shall recover in addition to the amount of such bonds and interest thereon, five percent, together with the costs of such suit. Any number of owners of such bonds for any single improvement, may join as plaintiffs and any number of owners of the property on which the same are a lien may be joined as defendants in such suit.


Liberal constructionSeverability1983 c 167: See RCW 39.46.010 and note following.
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