Chapter 84.55 RCW



84.55.010Limitations prescribed.
84.55.0101Limit factorAuthorization for taxing district to use one hundred one percent or lessOrdinance or resolution.
84.55.015Restoration of regular levy.
84.55.020Limitation upon first levy for district created from consolidation.
84.55.030Limitation upon first levy following annexation.
84.55.035Inapplicability of limitation to newly-formed taxing district created other than by consolidation or annexation.
84.55.040Increase in statutory dollar rate limitation.
84.55.045Applicability of chapter to levy by port district for industrial development district purposes.
84.55.047Applicability of chapter to community revitalization financing increment areas.
84.55.050Election to authorize increase in regular property tax levyLimited propositionsProcedure.
84.55.060Rate rulesEducational programOther necessary action.
84.55.070Inapplicability of chapter to levies for certain purposes.
84.55.092Protection of future levy capacity.
84.55.100Determination of limitations.
84.55.110Withdrawal of certain areas of a library district, metropolitan park district, fire protection district, or public hospital districtCalculation of taxes due.
84.55.120Public hearingTaxing district's revenue sourcesAdoption of tax increase by ordinance or resolution.
84.55.125Limitation adjustment for certain leasehold interests.
84.55.130Inapplicability of limitation to certain multiyear levy periods by port districts.
84.55.135Property tax levies or special assessments on dissolved special purpose districtsWhen authorized.