Chapter 84.48 RCW



HTMLPDF 84.48.010County board of equalizationFormationPer diemMeetingsDutiesRecordsCorrection of rollsExtending taxesChange in valuation, release or commutation of taxes by county legislative authority prohibited.
HTMLPDF 84.48.014County board of equalizationComposition of boardAppointmentQualifications.
HTMLPDF 84.48.018County board of equalizationChairQuorum.
HTMLPDF 84.48.022County board of equalizationMeetings.
HTMLPDF 84.48.026County board of equalizationTermsRemoval.
HTMLPDF 84.48.028County board of equalizationClerkAssistants.
HTMLPDF 84.48.032County board of equalizationAppraisers.
HTMLPDF 84.48.034County board of equalizationDuration of order.
HTMLPDF 84.48.036County board of equalizationAnnual budget.
HTMLPDF 84.48.038County board of equalizationLegal advisor.
HTMLPDF 84.48.042County board of equalizationTraining school.
HTMLPDF 84.48.046County board of equalizationOperating manual.
HTMLPDF 84.48.050Abstract of rollsState action if assessor does not transmit, when.
HTMLPDF 84.48.065Cancellation and correction of erroneous assessments and assessments on property on which land use designation is changed.
HTMLPDF 84.48.075County indicated ratioDetermination by departmentSubmission of preliminary ratio to assessorRulesUse classesReview of preliminary ratioCertificationExamination of assessment proceduresAdjustment of ratio.
HTMLPDF 84.48.080Equalization of assessmentsTaxes for state purposesProcedureLevy and apportionmentRulesRecord.
HTMLPDF 84.48.110Transcript of proceedings to county assessorsDelinquent tax for certain preceding years included.
HTMLPDF 84.48.120Extension of state taxes.
HTMLPDF 84.48.130Certification of assessed valuation to taxing districts.
HTMLPDF 84.48.140Property tax advisor.
HTMLPDF 84.48.150Valuation criteria including comparative sales to be made available to taxpayerChange.
HTMLPDF 84.48.200Rules.


Appeals from county board of equalization: RCW 84.08.130
Reconvening county board of equalization: RCW 84.08.060.