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Access to books and records.

The department of revenue shall have access to all books, papers, documents, statements, and accounts on file or of record in any of the departments of the state; and shall have the power, by summons signed by director and served in a like manner as a subpoena issued from courts of record, to compel witnesses to appear and give evidence and to produce books and papers. The director or any employee officially designated by the director is authorized to administer oaths to witnesses. The attendance of any witness may be compelled by attachment issued out of any superior court upon application to said court by the department, upon a proper showing that such witness has been duly served with a summons and has refused to appear before the said department. In case of the refusal of a witness to produce books, papers, documents, or accounts or to give evidence on matters material to the hearing, the department may institute proceedings in the proper superior court to compel such witness to testify, or to produce such books or papers and to punish him or her for the refusal. All summons and process issued by the department shall be served by the sheriff of the proper county and such service certified by him or her to the department of revenue without any compensation therefor. Persons appearing before the department in obedience to a summons, shall, in the discretion of the department, receive the same compensation as witnesses in the superior court. The records, books, accounts, and papers of each company shall be subject to visitation, investigation, or examination by the department, or any employee thereof officially designated by the director. All real and/or personal property of any company shall be subject to visitation, investigation, examination, and/or listing at any and all times by the department, or any person employed by the department.


ConstructionSeverability1975 1st ex.s. c 278: See notes following RCW 11.08.160.
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