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Duties of inspector of safety appliances.

It shall be the duty of the inspector of tracks, bridges, structures, and equipment, and such deputies as may be appointed, to inspect all equipment, and appliances connected therewith, and all apparatus, tracks, bridges and structures, depots and facilities and accommodations connected therewith, and facilities and accommodations furnished for the use of employees, and make such reports of his or her inspection to the commission as may be required. He or she shall, on discovering any defective equipment or appliances connected therewith, rendering the use of such equipment dangerous, immediately report the same to the superintendent of the road on which it is found, and to the proper official at the nearest point where such defect is discovered, describing the defect. Such inspector may, on the discovery of any defect rendering the use of any car, motor or locomotive dangerous, condemn such car, motor or locomotive, and order the same out of service until repaired and put in good working order. He or she shall, on discovering any track, bridge, or structure defective or unsafe in any particular, report such condition to the commission, and, in addition thereto, report the same to the official in charge of the division of such railroad upon which such defect is found. In case any track, bridge, or structure is found so defective as to be dangerous to the employees or public for a train or trains to be operated over the same, the inspector is hereby authorized to condemn such track, bridge, or structure and notify the commission and the office in charge of the division of such railroad where such defect is found of his or her action concerning the same, reporting in detail the defect complained of, and the work or improvements necessary to repair such defect. He or she shall also report to the commission the violation of any law governing, controlling, or affecting the conduct of public service companies in this state, as such companies are defined in this title or in Title 80 RCW.
The inspector, or such deputies as may be appointed, shall have the right and privilege of riding on any locomotive, either on freight or passenger trains, or on the caboose of any freight train, for the purpose of inspecting the track on any railroad in this state: PROVIDED, That the engineer or conductor in charge of any such locomotive or caboose may require such inspector to produce his or her authority, under the seal of the commission, showing that he or she is such inspector or deputy inspector.
The inspector, or such deputy inspector or inspectors as may be appointed, shall, when required by the commission, inspect any street railroad, gas plant, electrical plant, water system, telephone line, or telegraph line, and upon discovering any defective or dangerous track, bridge, structure, equipment, apparatus, machinery, appliance, facility, instrumentality, or building, rendering the use of the same dangerous to the public or to the employees of the company owning or operating the same, report the same to the commission, and to the official in charge of such road, plant, system, or line.
[ 2013 c 23 s 298; 1961 c 14 s 81.44.070. Prior: 1911 c 117 s 67; RRS s 10403. Formerly RCW 81.44.070 and 81.44.080.]
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