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Employer tax.

(1) A county with a population of one million or more, or a county with a population of from two hundred ten thousand to less than one million that is adjoining a county with a population of one million or more, and having within its boundaries existing or planned high occupancy vehicle lanes on the state highway system, or a regional transportation investment district for capital improvements, but only to the extent that the tax has not already been imposed by the county, may, with voter approval impose an excise tax of up to two dollars per employee per month on all employers or any class or classes of employers, public and private, including the state located in the agency's jurisdiction, measured by the number of full-time equivalent employees. In no event may the total taxes imposed under this section exceed two dollars per employee per month for any single employer. The county or investment district imposing the tax authorized in this section may provide for exemptions from the tax to such educational, cultural, health, charitable, or religious organizations as it deems appropriate.
Counties or investment districts may contract with the state department of revenue or other appropriate entities for administration and collection of the tax. Such contract shall provide for deduction of an amount for administration and collection expenses.
(2) The tax shall not apply to employment of a person when the employer has paid for at least half of the cost of a transit pass issued by a transit agency for that employee, valid for the period for which the tax would otherwise be owed.
(3) A county or investment district shall adopt rules that exempt from all or a portion of the tax any employer that has entered into an agreement with the county or investment district that is designed to reduce the proportion of employees who drive in single-occupant vehicles during peak commuting periods in proportion to the degree that the agreement is designed to meet the goals for the employer's location adopted under RCW 81.100.040.
The agreement shall include a list of specific actions that the employer will undertake to be entitled to the exemption. Employers having an exemption from all or part of the tax through this subsection shall annually certify to the county or investment district that the employer is fulfilling the terms of the agreement. The exemption continues as long as the employer is in compliance with the agreement.
If the tax authorized in RCW 81.100.060 is also imposed, the total proceeds from both tax sources each year shall not exceed the maximum amount which could be collected under RCW 81.100.060.


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