Chapter 81.04 RCW



81.04.020Procedure before commission and courts.
81.04.030Number of witnesses may be limited.
81.04.040Witness fees and mileage.
81.04.050Protection against self-incrimination.
81.04.060DepositionService of process.
81.04.070Inspection of books, papers, and documents.
81.04.075Manner of serving papers.
81.04.080Annual reportOther reports.
81.04.090Forms of records to be prescribed.
81.04.100Production of out-of-state books and records.
81.04.130Suspension of tariff changeWaiver of provisions during state of emergency.
81.04.140Order requiring joint action.
81.04.150Remunerative rateChange without authorization prohibitedWaiver of provisions during state of emergency.
81.04.200Rehearing before commission.
81.04.210Commission may change orders.
81.04.235Limitation of actions.
81.04.236When cause of action deemed to accrue.
81.04.240Action in court on reparations and overchargesProcedure.
81.04.250Determination of rates.
81.04.260Summary proceedings.
81.04.270Accounts to be kept separate.
81.04.280Purchase and sale of stock by employees.
81.04.290Sale of stock to employees and patrons.
81.04.300Budgets to be filedSupplementary budgets.
81.04.310Commission's control over expenditures.
81.04.320Budget rules and regulations.
81.04.330Effect of unauthorized expenditureEmergencies.
81.04.350Depreciation and retirement accounts.
81.04.360Excessive earnings to reserve fund.
81.04.380PenaltiesViolations by public service companies.
81.04.385PenaltiesViolations by officers, agents, and employees of public service companies and persons or entities acting as public service companies.
81.04.387PenaltiesViolations by other corporations.
81.04.390PenaltiesViolations by persons.
81.04.400Actions to recover penaltiesDisposition of fines, fees, penalties.
81.04.405Additional penaltiesViolations by public service companies and officers, agents, and employees.
81.04.410Orders and rules conclusive.
81.04.420Commission intervention where order or rule is involved.
81.04.430Findings of department prima facie correct.
81.04.440Companies liable for damages.
81.04.450Certified copies of orders, rules, etc.Evidentiary effect.
81.04.460Commission to enforce public service lawsEmployees as peace officers.
81.04.470Right of action not releasedPenalties cumulative.
81.04.490Application to municipal utilitiesSafety regulation of municipal gas and hazardous liquid pipelines.
81.04.500Duties of attorney general.
81.04.510Engaging in business or operating without approval or authorityProcedure.
81.04.530Controlled substances, alcohol.
81.04.540Regulation of common carriers, railroad safety practices.
81.04.550Railroad safety administration.
81.04.560Railroad companies that transport crude oil must submit information relating to the ability to pay damages in the event of a spill or accidentAdoption of rules.