Chapter 79.70 RCW



HTMLPDF 79.70.010Purpose.
HTMLPDF 79.70.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 79.70.030Powers of department.
HTMLPDF 79.70.040Powers as to transactions involving public lands deemed natural areasAlienation of lands designated natural area preserves.
HTMLPDF 79.70.060Legislative findingsNatural heritage resources.
HTMLPDF 79.70.070Natural heritage advisory council.
HTMLPDF 79.70.080Council duties.
HTMLPDF 79.70.090Dedication of property as natural area.
HTMLPDF 79.70.100Public hearingEstablishment of boundary.
HTMLPDF 79.70.110Important bird areas.
HTMLPDF 79.70.120Important bird areaRecognition requirements.
HTMLPDF 79.70.130Distribution of amount in lieu of real property taxes, weed control assessment.
HTMLPDF 79.70.900Construction1972 ex.s. c 119.