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Reacquisition of lands from federal government.

Whenever any forestland which shall have been acquired by any county through the foreclosure of tax liens, or otherwise, and which shall have been acquired by the federal government either from said county or from the state holding said lands in trust, and shall be available for reacquisition, the board and the board of county commissioners of any such county are authorized to enter into an agreement for the reacquisition of such lands as state forestlands in trust for such county. Such agreement shall provide for the price and manner of such reacquisition. The board is authorized to provide in such agreement for the advance of funds available to it for such purpose from the forest development account, all or any part of the price for such reacquisition so agreed upon, which advance shall be repaid at such time and in such manner as provided in the agreement, solely from any distribution to be made to said county under the provisions of RCW 79.22.040; that the title to said lands shall be retained by the state free from any trust until the state shall have been fully reimbursed for all funds advanced in connection with such reacquisition; and that in the event of the failure of the county to repay such advance in the manner provided, the said forestlands shall be retained by the state to be administered and/or disposed of in the same manner as other state forestlands free and clear of any trust interest therein by said county. Such county shall make provisions for the reimbursement of the various funds from any moneys derived from such lands so acquired, or any other county trust forest board lands which are distributable in a like manner, for any sums withheld from funds for other areas which would have been distributed thereto from time to time but for such agreement.


Intent2003 c 334: See note following RCW 79.02.010.
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