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Sale of administrative sites.

(1) The department is authorized to sell any real property not designated or acquired as state forestlands, but acquired by the state, either in the name of the forest board, the forestry board, or the division of forestry, for administrative sites, lien foreclosures, or other purposes whenever it shall determine that the lands are no longer or not necessary for public use.
(2) The sale may be made after public notice to the highest bidder for such a price as approved by the governor, but not less than the fair market value of the real property, plus the value of improvements thereon. Any instruments necessary to convey title must be executed by the governor in a form approved by the attorney general.
(3) All amounts received from the sale must be credited to the fund of the department of government that is responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of the property sold.


Intent2003 c 334: See note following RCW 79.02.010.
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