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Aquatic landsAdministrative review of proposed rent.

The manager shall, by rule, provide for an administrative review of any state-owned aquatic land rent proposed to be charged. The rules shall require that the lessee or applicant for release file a request for review within thirty days after the manager has notified the lessee or applicant of the rent due. For leases issued by the department, the final authority for the review rests with the board. For leases managed under RCW 79.105.420, the final authority for the review rests with the appropriate port commission. If the request for review is made within thirty days after the manager's final determination as to the rental, the lessee may pay rent at the preceding year's rate pending completion of the review, and shall pay any additional rent or be entitled to a refund, with interest thirty days after announcement of the decision. The interest rate shall be fixed by rule adopted by the board and shall not be less than six percent per annum. Nothing in this section abrogates the right of an aggrieved party to pursue legal remedies. For purposes of this section, "manager" is the department except where state-owned aquatic lands are managed by a port district, in which case "manager" is the port district.
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