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Gifts of land for offices.

Any county, city or town is authorized and empowered to convey to the state of Washington any lands owned by such county, city or town upon the selection of such lands by the department and the department is hereby authorized to select and accept conveyances of lands from such counties, cities or towns, suitable for use by the department as locations for offices, warehouses and machinery storage buildings in the administration of the forestry laws and lands of the state of Washington: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, No consideration shall be paid by the state nor by the department for the conveyance of such lands by such county, city or town.
[ 1988 c 128 s 25; 1937 c 125 s 1; RRS s 5812-3c. FORMER PART OF SECTION: 1937 c 125 s 2 now codified as RCW 76.12.045. Formerly RCW 76.12.040.]
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