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ViolationsModification of permit, when necessaryDepartmental orderIssuanceAppeal.

Whenever it appears with probable cause to the department that:
(1) A violation of any provision of this chapter, regulation adopted pursuant thereto, or condition of a permit issued pursuant to this chapter has occurred or is about to occur, or
(2) That a modification of a permit is deemed necessary to carry out the purpose of this chapter,
the department shall issue a written order in person to the operator or his or her employees or agents, or by certified mail, concerning the drilling, testing, or other operation conducted with respect to any well drilled, in the process of being drilled, or in the process of being abandoned or in the process of reclamation or restoration, and the operator, owner, or designated agent of either shall comply with the terms of the order and may appeal from the order in the manner provided for in RCW 78.60.280. When the department deems necessary, the order may include a shutdown order to remain in effect until the deficiency is corrected.
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