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Confidentiality of records—Preservation in an electronic data system.

(1) The records of any owner or operator, when filed with the department as provided in this chapter, shall be confidential and shall be open to inspection only to personnel of the department for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this chapter and to those authorized in writing by such owner or operator, until the expiration of a twenty-four month confidential period to begin at the date of commencement of production or of abandonment of the well or core hole. After expiration of the twenty-four month confidential period, the department shall ensure all logs and surveys that may have been run on the well or core hole are preserved in an electronic data system and made available to the public.
(2) Such records shall in no case, except as provided in this chapter, be available as evidence in court proceedings. No officer, employee, or member of the department shall be allowed to give testimony as to the contents of such records, except as provided in this chapter for the review of a decision of the department or in any proceeding initiated for the enforcement of an order of the department, for the enforcement of a lien created by the enforcement of this chapter, or for use as evidence in criminal proceedings arising out of such records or the statements upon which they are based.
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